Wednesday, October 24, 2007


No matter where I travel, no matter where I roam
It all comes down to this one thing: where you are is home

The feeling overwhelms me til I feel like I can't breathe
Then I look at you and can do nothing but trust it and believe

Believe that you won't hurt me, believe I can stay strong
Believe it when you look at me like I can do no wrong

For so long I had waited, some would say "what for?"
But now I know, it was for you; you're everything and more

It's not like you see through me, but deep into my heart
You've looked inside and you're not scared, touching every single part

*written 1/31/07


writerwoman said...

Love, love, love the first stanza. The whole thing could be a beautiful, sad song playing on my radio and bringing tears to my eyes.

Christine said...


Your rhyme and meter are amazing. Sweet sentiments.

We're in the same group: the Poet Within.

Just wanted to say I'm going out of town, and won't be around next Thursday. I'll check in with you when I get back.

K.M.Ryan said...

Good rhyme, good rhythm, good passion, good everything.

Jo said...

This does have a good rhyme. And it resonates with passion!

This Girl Remembers said...

Yes, very nice rhyme and I especially enjoy the rhythm here - the beats fall very naturally except one or two small spots where I sense that the meaning trumps the rhythm. The first stanza is my favorite, too - what a lovely way to draw usinto your poem! Very good work.

Christine said...

This poem could be a song. You're very talented with rhyme and meter.

writerwoman said...

Stopping by to ask how your I Promise blogroll is going. Have you been able to stop by the other poets blogs on Thursdays? Have they stopped by yours?

Please come to Poets Who Blog and let me know.


writerwoman said...


Could you stop by PWB and let me know how your I Promise Blogroll is going. This is your chance to change groups, drop out, or just confirm to me that your are happy on the list you currently belong to. Please let me know.